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Energy healing has brought such peace and healing to my life--I would like to share all of its benefits with you.

I was introduced to energy healing after I had a complete hysterectomy in 1999 due to chronic endometriosis. Several months after the surgery, I seemed to be fully healed physically, with my regimen of replacement hormones stabilized, but I still had pain and discomfort around the incision. My gynecologist suggested I might benefit from some Healing Touch sessions with a nurse on her staff. In those four sessions I learned a lot about the energetic body, including how to conduct visualization exercises that I continued to use after the sessions ended.

Intrigued, I took a brief workshop with Sister Rita Jean Dubrey the next year, where I learned that everyone--including me!--has healing abilities. I signed up for a Healing Touch class, where I learned some basic practices which I used with friends and family members. Everyone was impressed as I was with the effectiveness of these methods. I also learned how to balance and connect my chakras, which I have done almost daily for the past 15 years. I repeated Level 1 several years later with a good friend who was interested in starting her own healing journey.​

Between the time of my Healing Touch training and the start of my Reiki training, I wrote a book! (see tab above, Articles & Book) The book dealt with a period of my life that began shortly after I started my Recovery journey, and included the seven year period when my family struggled with finding help for our older son's mental illness. During that time I went back to school (at 40) and earned my Masters Degree in Special Education. From 2001 to 2007 I worked as a Special Education Teacher. In 2008 I returned to the New York State agency I had left in 2000, and received two promotions in two years.

Soon I found myself in an extremely stressful management position.  But God helps those who can't seem to help themselves, and  I met a wonderful woman (Theresa Kuo), who graciously attuned me in Levels I, II and ART Usui Reiki. I used Reiki and Healing Touch in every area of my life, and had a variety of life changing experiences (see Articles & Book section of this website to read more details about my Reiki journey, in three articles that were published in Reiki News Magazine). In 2014 I read about a new form of energy--Holy Fire--being introduced by William Lee Rand at the ICRT, and immediately signed up to re-take my Usui Master with the Holy Fire component. Last year I completed by Holy Fire Karuna Master, so I have more tools in my energetic toolbox!
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