The first time I saw Anne for Reiki, I had been experiencing months of sleep deprivation due to a recurring nightmare, reliving the most heartbreaking moment of my life. This problem resolved after one session! I still see Anne for regular treatment to help with other long term issues. She is professional, grounded and nonjudgmental. She has warmth, compassion and natural healing emanating from her hands/heart/spirit.
                                                       Mary M.

I went to see Anne for a sore shoulder.  After an hour of Reiki, my shoulder felt more relaxed, but my heart and mind felt at peace.  This was  something I never expected!  Anne told me Reiki finds what it needs to 'heal'.  This was a wonderful that I will continue.
                                                   Jen L

I have known Anne for a number of years and learned to trust her wisdom. She is a very spiritual person, very grounded, very ethical, and very disciplined. So recently, when a series of health issues were overwhelming me, I asked for her help. After one Reiki session, my spirit was lighter, I felt joyful and relaxed, and physically stronger than I had before. I know that I still have some healing to do, but I now feel that I have the spiritual centering and strength to accomplish that.​
                                            Nancy F.

Reiki with Anne had a very peaceful, calming and healing effect on me. It has a soothing and subtle quality, and you form a connection with Anne that enriches the Reiki experience.

                                               Chris H.
Reiki with Anne is extremely relaxing--I can literally feel my stress just dissolving. It's almost like my bones are melting, but in a really good way! I highly recommend it!
                                             Debi S.


I found the ART and Master Holy Fire Reiki to be uplifting and positive. Anne presented all material in a positive and knowledgable manner. I felt I left the class with more knowledge of Reiki and some more tools for my Reiki tool box!

                                        Kathleen Q.
Anne is a wonderful teacher, very knowledgeable and so willing to listen and answer questions. Also, if she does not have an answer, she is willing to find one for the students. Good musical selections for all sessions.
                                           ​Faye Z.
Anne has great teacher quality. i was impressed by her overall knowledge. Presentation was very effective. She was hospitable and nurturing during our time together. She has provided enlightenment through her teaching process.
                                           Susan I. 

I really enjoyed the Holy Fire Reiki class that Anne taught.  I experienced some powerful shifts during that class.

                                        Diana G.

The Reiki I class fulfilled all of my expectations. I loved that there was space for self exploration in all the sections of the class. 
                                                Joyce G. 
Having Anne as my teacher was amazing: love her faith, enthusiasm and knowledge of Holy Fire Reiki!
                                        Sharon R.